Welcome to 40 weeks, an honest and modern pregnancy platform where you can discover more about the week-by-week stages of pregnancy and connect with expectant mums.

Like the unique individuals that we are, we understand that no two pregnancies are the same and document this through our video platform that gives ownership to pregnant mothers. This real portrayal ensures that the conversations available are the most relevant of our time.

Pregnancy, particularly the first is an exceptional and almost fleeting moment in any woman’s life. Our aim is not only to create a platform to share stories but a space where women and their partners can gain a greater sense of confidence in this brave, exciting and sometimes daunting new life stage.

Users of the site can browse not only week by week but thematically by topics and demographics, as well as share their video diary, connect and chat with others. Our blog provides a further layer of information and entertainment in this unique phase, without looking too far ahead. We’re about the now.

40 weeks was founded by Cecilia Magill, a storytelling creative specialising in documenting pregnancy across photography, film and social media. Cecilia’s work has taken her as far afield as Japan and ensured her appointment as the official photographer of The Birth Company, Harley Street. Her ambition for the site is to be global, something that will evolve naturally via social sharing and through her commitment to meet and film mothers in all corners of the UK and beyond.

This is just the beginning of the ever-evolving 40 weeks journey.