Surrogate Pregnancy

My name is Ali and i’m 33 and a surrogate with Surrogacy Uk.

I have recently been filmed and spent time with Cecilia ahead of it being uploaded next month on here.

I became a surrogate after hearing about it from a friend, i decided to look into it more and came across the surrogacy uk website and their ethos of friendship first really appealed to me.

I havent got any children and at the moment my husband and i are quite happy with this currently, for me it meant i could experience being pregnant and the joy it brings without bringing the child up.

I am currently 34+4 weeks pregnant and this week the baby is definitely making his mark, seems that today in particular he is wearing football boots!

Kicks are getting harder and when he moves my whole belly goes with him!

I have been a surrogate before and give birth to twins for another couple who we are also very good friends with, the twins came early at 27+2 weeks so that was a shock and took some time to deal with, it made me more determined to do it again after i found out how amazing it is to bring life into the world and how much love their parents had for them, they were very much wanted babies as is this one i’m carrying.


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